News and Updates

Dear OZACT Adventurers,


Thank you all for your love and support over the last couple of months. It’s heartening to see so many messages about the impact that Bruce and the company have had on you and your communities. 


For those who haven’t heard, company founder and patriarch Bruce Widdop peacefully passed away in October 2022, we will all miss him greatly. 


Rest assured his legacy, OZACT will continue on, the whole team are wholly committed to continuing performing Shakespeare in the Great Outdoors as we have for the last 25+ years. 


But for now, we need a bit of a break. 


We’ve made the hard choice to delay our usual Summer and Autumn seasons from 2022-2023 until 2023-2024. We have the dates already locked in and will of course be returning to all our regular haunts, Kirks Reservoir, Cloudehill Gardens, Coolart Homestead, Geelong Botanic Gardens, Heatherlie Quarry - Grampians, Camperdown Botanic Gardens, Williamstown Botanic Gardens, and Hepburn Springs Reserve.


Our next show, which will be announced next year, is going to be a cracker. We were already deep in rehearsals, so we’ll be extra prepared. And I’m sure we’ll be refreshed from the break. This is also the last production that Bruce directed, and we plan to send him off with a bang. We hope you will join us on our next adventure of OZACT's Shakespeare in the Great Outdoors.


Thanks for you patience, and we love you all. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


 Our 2023 - 2024 season will include the following locations, we will update the details of dates and times mid 2023.


Kirks Reservoir Park - Ballarat

As one of Ballarat's most exotic gardens, Kirks Reservoir Park is a picturesque  garden, with plenty of areas to explore. Situated just 10 minutes drive from the Ballarat CBD.

Cloudehill Gardens - Olinda

Cloudehill Gardens is one of Victoria’s most spectacular gardens, an idyllic setting surrounded with gentle sloped lawns, colourful floral borders, dramatic forests, and exhilarating garden vistas.

Geelong Botanic Gardens

Established over a century and a half ago, Geelong Botanic Gardens has a fascinating history and recognised heritage valued is one of the oldest Botanic Gardens in Australia. With beautiful lush lawns, shaded by a spectacular array of trees and surrounded by beautiful floral borders.

Coolart Homestead - Somers, Mornington Peninsula

Coolart Homestead is one of Victoria’s historic mansions, built in 1895, it is surrounded by a spectacular garden with adjacent wetlands and coastal woodlands. It is wonderful place to explore.


Camperdown Botanic Gardens

Camperdown Botanic Gardens is a beautiful location, over looking volcanic lakes Bullen Merri and Gnotuk, it features lush green lawns, meandering pathways and a stunning array of trees, and floral and decorative borders.

Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Williamstown Botanic Gardens is a beautiful location, set by the sea, it features a formal palm avenue surrounded with lush green lawns, meandering pathways and a stunning array of rare trees, and floral borders.


Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve - Sound Shell

Hepburn Springs Mineral Reserve was established in the 1860's and is renowned for it's various mineral springs and bathing facilities. The area is a lovely parkland with shady lawns and plenty to explore. Bring along a cup or drink bottle to sample the springs.

Heatherlie Quarry - Grampians National Park

Heatherlie Quarry is a magnificent historical feature of the Grampians, set in a beautiful bush setting, surrounded by majestic mountains, it features relics of an bygone era when the site was used to quarry stone for buildings such as Parliament House Melbourne in the late 1800's.


“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun." Romeo & Juliet