Choose your TEMPEST Adventure

24 & 25 March at 3pm at Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Williamstown Botanic Gardens is a beautiful location, set by the sea, it features a formal palm avenue surrounded with lush green lawns, meandering pathways and a stunning array of rare trees, and floral boarders.



30 & 31 March and 1 April at 3pm

7 & 8 April at 3pm

at Heatherlie Quarry -  Grampians National Park

Heatherlie Quarry is a magnificent historical feature of the Grampians, set in a beautiful bush setting, surrounded by majestic mountains, it features relics of an bygone era when the site was used to quarry stone building such as Parliament House Melbourne in the late 1800's

This quarry is off the Hall’s Gap-Mount Zero road (also known as the Bolte Highway), 13.5 km north of Halls Gap.

Please note:

The nearest toilets are a short 2km drive from the car park at the Heatherlie Quarry, so please remember to plan a stop before you arrive to see the show. There is a short walk of about 900 meters from the car park to the performance location at the Quarry.


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